• Fishing

    Board an Arakan-style boat for a day trip that begins when the tides comes in. We provide water, fruits, and other snacks, while local fishermen will show you how to catch fish according to traditional methods. When you return from your trip, the fish that you catch will be cooked for you complimentary.

    Complimentary 1-hour fishing trip included with any 5-night stays at our resort. Rates: 500-2,000 BDT per hour.
  • Boat BBQ

    Sunset or evening, whichever you prefer. One of our chefs will be dedicated to your experience of seven courses out on the water. Minimum 2 persons per group. Starting from 2,500 BDT per person (includes standard BBQ meal, with options to purchase premium treats such as lobster).
  • Surfing

    Bigger and rougher waves in the summer, and smaller and smoother waves in the winter. It is not uncommon to see guests arriving at our resort with windsurfing boards, as our beach provides excellent windsurfing opportunities that are available only a few minutes away by rowboat.
    Surfboards available for 500 BDT per hour, or 1,500 BDT with an instructor from the Cox’s Bazar Life Saving and Surfing Club. Ask for availability.
  • Beach Volleyball

    Complimentary net and ball provided on our Mermaid beach.
  • Morning Beach Walks

    A highlight of a stay at our resort is an early morning walk along the secluded beach by our Ashrams, with nothing but the company of birds, smiling children, and the occasional plodding cow. Ask a Mermaid representative for the best times and routes..
  • Garden BBQ

    If you are staying in one of our villas, ask our staff about availability of a private garden BBQ.
  • Hill trekking and Himchori National Park

    A family-friendly, hill trekking experience that includes amazing sights of the ocean from selected viewing points in the Himchori National Park. Only a 20-minute walk away from our resort. We recommend a trip in the early morning or at sunset.
  • Day tour of Moheshkali Island and Sonadia Island

    Moheshkali Island – home to a renowned hilltop Hindu temple, from where you can have fantastic ocean views amid a wonderfully colourful cultural setting. The Adhinat festival, celebrated on Moheshkali Island, is attended by thousands of people here every year. Ask for more info.

    Sonadia Island – a very secluded white sand beach that offers opportunities to connect with absolutely untouched nature.
  • Slow Life

    At Mermaid, we adhere to a slow life, slow food approach. Perhaps Carlo Petrini, founder of the slow food movement, sums up that approach best.

    The quest for slowness, which begins as a simple rebellion against the impoverishment of taste in our lives, makes it possible to rediscover taste. By living slowly, you understand other things, too; by slowing down in comparison to the world, you soon come into contact with what the world regards as its "dumps" of knowledge, which have been deemed slow and therefore marginalized. By exploring the "margins" of slowness, you encounter those pockets of supposedly "minor" culture that are alive in the memories of old people, typical of civilizations that have not yet become frantic—traditions that guide the vital work of good, clean, and fair producers and that are handed down after centuries of empiricism and practical skill.

    - Carlo Petrini, Slow Food Nation: Why Our Food Should Be Good, Clean, and Fair

  • Mermaid Beach

    The Mermaid beach runs along a lagoon that offers safe, peaceful waters to swim in, accessible only to smaller boats. The mud, rich in minerals brought from the Himalayas, is extremely beneficial to your skin. Every hour, from 07:00 to 17:00, we offer a free shuttle boat to the secluded and private Mermaid island, only ten minutes away.

    We have another beach that runs along our Ashram and overlooks Mermaid island only ten minutes away. Large mats, pillows and even beach BBQs available upon request.