WEATHER 108 F (42 C)

Eco-Inspired, Organic & Socially Responsible

  • Solar water heaters
  • Composting for organic farming
  • Rooms built on stilts to allow the surrounding biodiversity to thrive
  • We adhere to a ten-kilometre purchase policy wherever possible
  • While much of the foliage in the region has been lost to development, the trees you see at our resort have been here for decades, and they survive alongside preserved wildflowers that you see in our welcome garlands and as garnishes on your dinner plates
  • Each year, a portion of the resort’s income is dedicated to the planting of trees
  • We depend heavily on recycled materials
  • We envision in our future a resort that depends primarily on alternative energies from the sun, wind, and water currents
  • Nearly 80% of our employees are from our nearby villages
  • We support women in the promotion of their handicrafts in our craft shop
  • We organize Free Friday Clinics that provide feel healthcare facilities to the community