Mermaid Café in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Written by: Lonely Planet

This Goa-style beach shack serves what is quite possibly the best food in all of Bangladesh. In fact both the food, the setting and the vibe are so good that we have received more positive reports from travellers on this one restaurant than everything else in Bangladesh put together! The gorgeous owners have gone out of their way to ensure that as many of the ingredients as possible are organically produced (a harder task than you might imagine as most farmers are hooked on the delights of pesticides and chemical fertilisers) in the local area. The effort has really paid off – even the rice is of a quality you will rarely have tasted before. In addition to the excellent food there is also a great music collection and a small art gallery with frequently changing exhibitions. There are two branches, very close to one and other and right on the beach. One specialises in fresh seafood and the other in pasta and meat dishes. It even has an old surfboard or two that it will rent out.

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