Like a Mermaid in the Sea

Written by: Syeda Minarwa Mahbub

A boat floats you to a secluded, unrivaled (at least in the country) sea-residence named the Ashram, located in the furthermost corner of the already isolated Mermaid eco-resort. Mermaid, as you may already know, is a place situated on Pechar Dwip, where one can hear the sounds of the sea, yet be away from the roar of the crowds at Cox’s Bazaar. But the ashram is not just that. It is a wide terrain of meditation, relaxation and unlimited fun! Here’s how.

You can choose to go in a large group (it’s quite expensive, so dividing the cost might be a good idea), and party the nights away in its open terrace; you can go there with your beloved (there are quite a few rooms, so you might also consider sharing the place with some other couples), and enjoy some peace; or you might just wish to be there by yourself. No money in the world can pay for the time you will have with yourself while at the ashram. It is a place where you will connect with the inner you, remember your spiritual being and discover yourself once again. No, you do not have to be the religious sort; you only have to be someone who enjoys his/her own company once in a while.

As you sit on the open balcony, right outside the ashram, the scene you witness is a picture perfect paradise, that you thought was only possible in a Hawaii; what you see is the endless sea, surrounded by coconut trees with only the calm breeze to provide silent company. While a cup of coffee will enliven your senses, you might also consider having fresh coconut juice for a change. You do not have to climb a tree yourself to get one, the ever enthusiastic caretakers will do it for you, with pleasure too!

Not only that, the sea-food delicacies that you taste buds have become so used to while at Mermaid will be served here as well. All you need to do is pick up your favourite from the menu. Who can forget the tunes of local bauls, singing their hearts out at Mermaid? If you want to please your ears with the sound of their music, and break the silence of the ashram at some point of your stay, you can request a private baul night as well. These musicians will not only feed your newly found souls, but will also let you sing tunes and play instruments along with them.

But if all you wish to do is escape from the hubbub of city life, and ponder, contemplate and deliberate, just take a direct place to Cox’s Bazaar, where someone from the ashram will pick you up and take you there. Now all you need to do is book that ticket to Cox’s Bazaar.

Who needs to fly all the way to Rome and Spain when you have a mermaid wrought island right here in the country?

Mermaid New Year’s Eve Party

On New Year’s Eve, Mermaid is going to host a beach party in the seclusion of Pechar Dwip by the blue waters of the Bay of Begal, far away from the madding crowd. Although guests shall not be able to reside in the eco-resort situated in this secluded private island as the rooms are already booked, there is a shuttle bus service that shall pick you up from your hotel, and return you when the party is finished. The party starts at 7:30pm and shall go on for the whole night, but guests can arrive and leave at will. The island of Pechar Dwip shall glow like fireflies and at 12pm, the spectacular fireworks display will last for at least 25 minutes. The beach party shall also have a meditation session. Other attraction of a New Year’s Eve party shall also be present including fresh seafood! Guests shall be chosen selectively so you can be assured that there will be no improper behavior on the beach. Party tickets can be booked at Mermaid Café Gallery, Dhaka and Mermaid Café, Cox’s Bazaar.