Our Team

For many of our team members, Mermaid is part of a very new career experience. They have left behind lifestyles that often involved very labour-intensive jobs and even illegal fishing and deforestation, and they have now received training in how to serve customers from around the world. They are now part of a welcoming, growing family, and we think this is one reason they are always smiling.

  • Eco-Inspired, Organic & Socially Responsible

    Look around our Resort for indications of our commitment to ecologically and socially responsible, organic operations, from our reliance on recycled materials, to our ongoing tree-planting activities, to our work in the surrounding villages. We work hard to minimize our presence in nature and maximize it in the community. Read More

  • Service & Quality

    We hope that our cheerful, attentive, trademark Mermaid service supports and enhances a top-quality experience of clean, quiet, natural Bangladesh at its best. That service includes not only the provision of great food and accommodation, but a commitment to help you get the most out of your stay in Cox’s Bazaar. We urge you to communicate freely with our team members, your hosts, and ask them about the area’s history, about our approach to tourism, and about the fascinating stories behind the countless facets of our resort.